Expect What? You Decide.

When we wake up in the morning what do we expect to accomplish?  What do we expect our encounters to be like?  It is important that we learn how to expect the best from ourselves and from those that we will engage with.  We should expect this new day as an opportunity for something new and exciting that will add value to our lives.  Even if we encounter something negative we can expect a life lesson to be learned that we can take into the next day.

We should also expect that people change and those that we think will never change, do change.  We do not see it always, but as we age we change.  My expectations are to see the good in people and not to be disappointed when truth is revealed that may be negative.

Can we expect that our children can receive a quality education in America? We are constantly being forced to advocate for adequate funding for our public schools because the corporate voice is constantly reallocating our public funds to charter schools and voucher programs.  Can we expect that they ever had our children as their focus?  Their actions speak louder.  In NC with a Republican dominated house and senate funding has become dismal for those of us that choose public schools.  But every day I choose to expect that I can make a difference and that my voice does matter.

I believe we expect the sun to appear after the rain and we expect life to continue no matter the disasters that take lives.  We look forward to our future in the birth of a child or the birth of a new industry.  The evidence of what we expect is all around us.  Whether we expect good or bad we all expect something in return for the breathe that has been extended to us.  So keep your head up and do not be afraid to expect.


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